Who do you listen to?

When you embark on a health/ self-development journey (the two go hand-in-hand), you are confronted with so much information, often contradictory, that it becomes disheartening, confusing and the feelings of being lost, discouraged and uninspired may wash over you. The secret is to go inward, learn to trust your body’s wisdom. Only then you will know who to trust in the outside world.

Here are a few hot tips on that (and why would you trust me, hey?) who to listen to and who to trust:

  • Follow the money: if a person/organisation sells supplements/drugs, question their intentions to inform you about real effects of their products on your body; if a person/ organisation wants you to rely on them and does not encourage your critical thinking and independence from any health service or product, question their motives.
  • Apply common sense at all times.
  • You know when it’s the truth. There are certain truths about healing, the world and you will know the truth by the way it feels!
  • Healing is not pretty (that’s in case someone promises a clear skin within weeks after you having been suffering for years from psoriasis or eczema), healing may not feel great initially either, in fact, healing is often mistaken for disease. Let’s take this to the full truth – there is no disease, at any point in time the body is healing, and that expression of healing we label as disease.
  • Nothing is for life (not talking about a congenital problem) unlike the conventional medicine tells us, which makes us their customers for life. “Chronic” means “healing not done yet”


I wanted to give you a couple of examples of  health information/ education, which illustrate what is happening in the health industry at the moment.

The first example is about diabetes and how the conventional medicine drills into people’s health that it is a disease for life, limit sugar (but don’t give up, and no education about types of sugar and fibre), doctors prescribe Metformin or similar drugs, insulin later on, when the body can’t cope anymore. From my experience medical doctors have very little understanding, if at all about insulin resistance, nutrition, etc. Not all doctors though. Our own Australian doctor, who was brave enough to prescribe dietary changes to treat the lifestyle disease called diabetes, lost his medical license because of it. A doctor lost his license to practice medicine because he cared enough about his clients and refused to medicate them unnecessary, when all they needed is to be coached about nutrition and that changed their lives. His clients were able to go off insulin and other prescription medication for diabetes. You can read about Dr.Fettke’s story here. His trial was around the same time as South African Dr.Noakes’ on the same subject. The trial highlights the deep-seated corruption in the system of healthcare and nutrition.

I highly recommend watching Dr Hyman’s documentary “Fat Fiction”, it is eye-opening. Alongside extremely useful information on nutrition and lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes (if lifestyle choices caused it, different lifestyle choices can cure it), this educational movie shows how broken the medical system is, how the government took over independent critical thinking and how biased and ego-driven the world of “science” is at this stage of human evolution. At the start of the movie there is a disclaimer: “The producers received no food industry funding in the making of this film.” What does it tell us? That other dietary advice and education, unless stated otherwise, has a high chance of receiving funds from the food industry. And my next example will illustrate exactly that – a documentary funded by the promoters of the current agenda of veganism/climate change.

“You are what you eat: A twin experiment.” sounded great when I watched a trailer and read the synopsis of it. The film follows 4 twin couples on their health journey, while one of them is assigned a vegan diet and the other – an omnivore diet. The four episodes of this documentary tried to comprise all sorts of issues – animal welfare, quality of our food, and “science” of saturated fat  – the latter was such a disappointment to hear for me. The doco clearly had some good points about feedlot cattle, so-called “free range” standards for poultry, salmon farming practices, and some undeniable stats for those who consume real meat and how they were able to gain muscle and lose weight (but that fact was brushed off in favour of “cholesterol myth”). Now, this movie starts with the following lines: “The following series is designed to entertain and inform – not provide medical advice. You should always consult your doctor when it comes to your personal health or before you start any treatment.”

This, to me, is an utter disempowerment of a human being, a message that in no way one could be capable of healing, in no way a body has the wisdom to cope with life’s blows without a medical doctor’s assistance. How has humanity survived for millennia is outside of the scope of the medical system’s advice, I suppose.

The crisis in our society is exactly that – no one trusts themselves, people delegate all areas of their lives to the system – the government, the medical industry, the food industry, etc. They hire PTs to show them how to move and to motivate them into moving. They pay to specialists to tell them how to think, what to eat, what drugs to take to not feel physical and emotional discomfort.

This is our undoing. That is why my mission is to help people return to trusting their body – it is perfectly ok to experiment with movement, listening to the body’s response, to observe and make conclusions about how one feels after certain foods, after interacting with certain people, about triggers in life, about the connection of the mind, body and soul. My mission is to show people how  to go back to the inner world so that they can contribute positively to the outer world. Healthy strong loving individuals are the future.


PS: did you get triggered by the “climate change” mentioning above? It is real, the planet is evolving, the planet’s star is evolving (you know how stars die, right?) and it is so appallingly arrogant of humans to think that they could have contributed in that massive scale. I mean, if they keep blowing up nuclear bombs every few years, they may create some tangible change. But until our leaders’ egos get to that place of no return, let’s go back to love and start working on ourselves.