Are you looking for a health solution? What is the first thing that your search? A product,  which might alleviate your symptoms? A practitioner, who is knowledgeable and experienced? Are you searching for a diagnosis? This article explores the option of championing your inner healer and taking control of your health.

Who is going to be your saviour?  What test will finally give you an answer to your health problems?

Modern medicine offers so many investigative tools, but people are not getting healthier. Doctors can order blood tests, urine test, stool tests, hair tests, ultrasound scans, MRI, x-ray, body composition scanning machines, etc. Sometimes you get a reading which red flags something that’s going on in the body. This happens either if the condition has developed quite a bit that even a regular GP can pick it up, or you are seeing a functional health specialist  they read test results differently, and they order different panels of testing.

And what do blood test results tell you? They are just snapshots of some health parameters in time; they are invasive and a shock the system. A blood test means that your veins are punctured and that your body will need to do some healing. And oftentimes other investigations give us very little as well while putting the body under a lot of stress to cope with electro-magnetic radiation.

Curiously, it is often clients with “good” test results but who are feeling unwell, that come to see a naturopath.

How is that possible? Why your test results are “normal”, but you feel crap?

As I said above, blood/ urine test results are just a snapshot in time. They are open to interpretation too – there are laboratory reference ranges and functional medicine perspective on what the optimal numbers should be. And they can differ greatly! Secondly, the problem lies in delegating what you feel, how you should feel to a third party – a medical practitioner.

I like the picture in this post as this is my analogy of your health (the car) and you (see your cute feet sticking out of the back seat window?). The drivers come and go, they all have their own driving style and an opinion of who is who on the road. Some are helpful and get you to the next stop, some are not so much. But the issue is that you are not the driver. It is your body and you have taken the back seat for the life ride.

You are the only person who knows how it feels inside your body. Why listening to someone who generalises and puts a blanket label on you?

I had a client post prostate cancer treatment and he wasn’t told that it is sitting all day that kills prostate (he drives a lot for work). No exercises for pelvic floor were given by the doctor. No dietary advice either. I believe it’s negligence. But he listened to the doctor (saying nothing).

People have forgotten about how to eat healthy, what healthy breathing pattern should be, how to trust what they feel as they have outsourced that to “authorities” for decades. The current conventional medical system is not healthcare, it is a disease management.

This is another modern medical problem. People are led to believe that no symptoms equals health. But medicated state of no initial physical discomfort often leads to fatigue, brain fog and other physical symptoms, which develop as a result of pharmaceutical medication. There is NO medication that doesn’t come with side affects – NONE WHATSOEVER!

Claim your body back, take the driver’s seat! It is a process and will take some time to listen to the engine, get used to the sensations, sounds, etc. Get to know your body, your mind. Make time for that, it is the most important task that you need to do in this life. NO ONE will heal you. You can do it. Your body knows how to, trust! My work is for those who are ready to be the driver and just need a refresher course in practical skills.