Oxygen Revolution Presents a FREE Asthma Education Webinar Series

How to Effectively Manage Asthma & Take Charge of Your Health

Did you know 1 in 9 Australians are affected by Asthma?


That’s 2.7 million people in this country alone!


And yet… the best solution the mainstream medical industry has come up with is medication to manage symptoms


This is a band aid solution at best, and for many it isn’t enough.


Many of us who’ve experienced asthma know what it’s like to…

Miss out on sport and activities

Feel embarrassed that every time you laugh with friends you start coughing

Go out on your first date and have an asthma attack (totally embarassing!)

This free Oxygen Revolution webinar series will provide you with researched information from a registered naturopath about what treatment options are available from asthma and what you need to know to effectively manage your asthma naturally, and take your health into your own hands.

Who this webinar series is for:


Asthmatics who’ve tried mainstream treatments and want to explore what else is out there


Asthmatics who feel their asthma is a burden and it is negatively impacting other areas of life


Asthmatics who want to learn how to breathe better and treat their asthma naturally


People with asthma who are literally sick from the side effects from all the asthma medications they are on and want their health back!

What you’ll learn:


What contributes to asthma and what to avoid


How your body and lungs operate


How specific breathing patterns can improve lung function


How you can use natural remedies to reduce asthmatic symptoms

You’ll walk away with:

A clear understanding of the asthma condition, and how your body operates

Motivation to take charge of your health

Confidence to collaborate with health practitioners rather than be dependent on them

Knowledge, tools and resources to manage your asthma naturally and effectively

How you can reduce the severity of asthma attacks

Learn how to Effectively Manage Asthma & Take Charge of Your Health once and for all!

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Hi, I’m Julia Rudakova, Naturopath, Functional Breathing Educator and Creator of Oxygen Revolution.

I started Oxygen Revolution in 2018 to specifically help people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

I personally suffered from chronic bronchitis for many years since my late teenagehood. Through my own research and determination I overcame my health condition and later, when I qualified as a naturopath, I helped my younger son to beat asthma. I know from personal and professional experience that asthma is not a life sentence and if you understand the condition and remove emotional blocks, you can achieve a much better quality of life!

Now I help individuals with asthma, sleep apnoea and other respiratory issues to improve their lung function, re-program the brain to breathe better and form new healthy habits to achieve the best of health.