My younger son blew my mind tonight during our chat before going to bed. We were talking about our earliest memories. He was frustrated that he didn’t remember much from his first 3-4 years. I often tell him stories about those days and how awesome he was as a baby and toddler. Then he asked me what my earliest memories were. And I said it was 2-3 years of age and probably because of intense trauma that I experienced – a barbarian adenoidectomy and partial tonsilectomy. Of course, he asked what tonsils and adenoids were, I explained. Another question followed: “Mum, did I have any surgeries?” “No, love, you haven’t”, I replied. There was a BIG sigh of relief. We talked about his tongue tie and how that was a potential mini-surgery. To what he said: “But that would be removing part of me, who I am.” I was sitting there absolutely dumbfounded. “What if I wouldn’t be able to see quantum stuff if something is changed in me,” – he continued his thought.

Then I thought about Freddie Mercury and how he was very protective of his “unsightly” overbite, stating that it was thanks to that feature of his palate that he owed his wide range of singing voice to. He must have been right!

Modern medical industry (not healthcare, not system, but industry, based on numbers and stats) normalised cutting organs and tissues out, even routinely (just to check, what if we should cut out even more). I am shocked every time I see a comment about a routine cholecystectomy or appendectomy, or cutting out tonsils without looking at what caused this immune reaction; wisdom teeth removal; warts cut out (you simply can’t do it), frenectomy (tongue-tie release – may be warranted in some cases though).

The holiness of our bodies has been violated again, and again, and again with the “advancement” of medicine. It advocates for cutting parts of the body out, poisoning cells to feel better later, taking medications with dreadful side effects. We have moved so far away from being whole to being parts which are randomly put together. Nothing works separately in the body. Everything is connected. And once something is removed, it will be very much felt by other systems. There is no benign surgeries. Every cell has a memory and it will be there forever.

When I was just dabbling into natural medicine, holistic therapies, I often had a question on my mind: “What made people stop believing in their body’s ability to heal, to do what the body is designed to do when you create the right environment for it?”

The answer that I came to was quite simple – lack of education. The modern society is profit and instant gratification- oriented. Parents work full time, no energy to look after themselves. This is what our children receive as an example to follow. Then childcare and school follow the same agenda that is fed to the adults – you need to inject poisons into your blood stream to create artificial immunity for diseases, you may eat crap junk food in moderation (WHY????), you do whatever you can, do not overexert yourself (you need to level up every time you want a better life).

What to do if you already, like many of us, underwent some sort of tissue or organ removal? It is good to sit down with someone you trust and who has the knowledge to discuss what happened and to some retrospection into the procedure and what led to it. You can easily do it by yourself, if you feel you have enough knowledge and wisdom not to go into a blame game or plunge into a victimhood mode. Next, it’s helpful to identify the current weakest links as a result of the procedure, or due to the weakness leading to the procedure. Once you identify it, make a plan of how to strengthen the weakest link. It is only weakest because it was allowed to play that role. Intention and awareness are super important in healing, And last but not least – implement the plan. Work on it, make amendments if needed, but do the work. That’s what makes us different to animals – seld-awareness and self-correction; and the desire to be better, to evolve.

My appeal to you today – accept and love every part of you. You are here in this body on this earth for a relatively short period of time. Team up with your physical body! It has the ancient wisdom within, it knows how to heal. You just need to allow it to do its job. Trust. Trust your feelings, sensations, intuition. Remember, that the doctor/ naturopath only goes with what you tell them about your health. Also remember, that any test/ medical investigation is a snapshot in time and can change.

Get in love with EVERY part of you! Get to know how you work. Tune into the pain, emotions. Take time out for yourself!