Julia is a qualified naturopath and Buteyko practitioner.

She has been helping people with asthma and other health conditions over the last 7 years. Her journey with asthma started when her younger son unexpectedly had his first asthma attack at the age of 2.5 years. It was scary and confronting to drive him to the Emergency Department of the local hospital and watch him struggle for breath for hours on end. The little boy was lying on the hospital bed, pale and breathless, the breathing was so labourious that one could see the skin being sucked in between the ribs with every breath. The medical personnel monitored him and administered oral doses of medication as well as inhalers.  Julia’s son never responded well to the conventional asthma management and treatment. And out of desperation and via thorough research and further education Julia developed a program for asthma sufferers, which includes the Buteyko Breathing Method, nutritional support and dietary changes and called it The Oxygen Revolution program. The Oxygen Revolution program is a comprehensive treatment and management of various respiratory and lifestyle diseases

Next Steps…

Julia is passionate about providing a health service which makes a difference.