Four Journeys

Breathing exercises for children

Breathe for calm, focus, active play

and sweet dreams.

Beautifully illustrated, Four Journeys is a book for families who want to achieve the best of health. The journeys along four different landscapes take you through four interactive breathing exercises. The use of bright images to keep a child’s attention, and the engagement of kinaesthetic learning will help bring focus to breathing and re-educate the brain and body to breathe in a health-conducive way.

The benefits of doing the breathing exercises include reduced incidents of ear-nose-throat diseases, well-balanced nervous system and proper craniofacial development. All of this leads to reduced anxiety and behavioural problems, improved sleep, beautiful smiles and overall calmness.

Only 5 minutes of fun practice twice a day can set you and your family on the path of a joyful journey to health.