The Tea Time Webinar Series!

Join me, Julia Rudakova - Melbourne-based naturopath and functional breathing educator, for a monthly webinar to talk about many different aspects of health and well-being.

Each month I host a virtual webinar in the evenings to share educational information about various health topics that many of us face, and some holistic and natural approaches to managing those health issues as well as find the underlying cause.

During these virtual sessions you will also have an opportunity to ask me questions about the topics.

Attend the webinar from the comfort of your own home, after dinner, with a nice cup of tea.

Join an individual webinar: $5.50
Register for the next 12 sessions: $60

Monthly webinar topics listed below.

tea time webinar

Who this webinar series is for:


Individuals interested in healthy lifestyle


Those who haven't had much improvement from conventional treatments


The forever curious ones


People who have never been to a naturopath and want to learn what natural medicine is all about


People who have knowledge about natural medicine and want to deepen their understanding of health

tea time webinar

What you’ll learn:


What nutritional supplements are and how to choose the right ones


How your body operates - digestion, detoxification, sleep and stress (the nervous system and the adrenals)


How to use what you already have in your kitchen to boost your immunity


How specific breathing patterns can improve your health


How you can use natural remedies to reduce symptoms of your current health condition

tea time webinar

You’ll walk away with:

An understanding of micro and macro nutrients

An understanding of how your body works

Motivation to take charge of your health

Confidence to collaborate with health practitioners rather than be dependent on them

Knowledge, tools and resources to manage your health condition naturally and effectively

Upcoming Tea Time Webinars

July 6th – 6.30pm AEST – Dealing with fever in children. Immunity in winter time

August 4th – 6.30pm AEST – Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the ugly

September 8th – 6.30pm AEST – “My iron is low! Help!”

October 13th – 6.30pm AEDT  – TBA

November 10th – 6.30pm AEDT – TBA

December 8th – 6.30pm AEDT – Surviving the Silly Season

 Join me for a Tea Time webinar

Join an individual webinar: $5.50

Register for the next 12 webinars: $60